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Interop Router 3.3.1 Docs - Deemon

System Requirements

Windows Systems
Deemon runs in a HPC cluster with the following requirements:
  • Microsoft Compute Cluster Server Pack or Microsoft HPC Pack
  • HPC SDK Pack (only necessary with Microsoft HPC Pack)
  • Python 2.5 or 2.6
  • MySQL-python module (compiled to x64) *

Note: MySQL-python web site doesn't provide a x64 installer to Windows systems.
You can learn how to compile this module to win64 in the follow page:

Linux Systems
Deemon runs in a cluster with the following installed software:
  • Maui Cluster Scheduler
  • Torque Resource Manager
  • PBS Server
  • MPICH2
  • Python 2.5 or 2.6
  • MySQL-python module


There is a 3 ways to install Deemon.

Using the Source Code in zip file
Extract zip file in a temporary folder and, using a shell access the IR folder, execute the following command:

> python install

This command will install Deemon as a package in your Python environment.
In Linux systems, the python-devel package must be installed to perform this action.

Binary Installers
We provide installers for Winfows (msi) and Linux (rpm) to install Deemon without the source code.
To download those files, access the IR 3.3.1 release page.

Using the SVN source code.
You can download the Interop Router source code by two repositories:
By Codeplex repo at the Source Control page.
or by our Subversion repo at LMS: svn://

This repos have the lastest version of source code, and may have not totally tested features.

With the source, access the IR folder using a shell and execute

> python install

And if all is ok, Deemon will be installed in your python syte-packages folder.
In Linux systems, the python-devel package must be installed to perform this action.

Running Instructions

Firstly, you need to edit the file placed in the folder PYTHON/lib/site-packages/deemon where PYTHON is your Python installation folder. In this file, you must set the parameters Deemon will use to connect to IR database.
Each parameter in is commented in order to describe its function. You may need to be a privileged user to modify this file.

After this, open a shell, access the Deemon's folder at PYTHON/Lib/site-packages/deemon and execute:

> python

If all is OK, your prompt show the following message:

> "Waiting for a job."

In Linux, the user who you run the deemon can't be root.
In Windows, you must be an authorized HPC Cluster User.

Your clusters is ready for processing the Interop Router Jobs.
Have a lot of fun!

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