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Basics Concepts

Projects and Jobs
When a user submits his application to IR, he sends a project, which consists in the application source code, some configurations parameters and several input files, each one becomes a job when it is submited to a cluster.

There are 4 components in Interop Router:
  • Guaardian: This is the web site which makes the user interface and allow the projects submission, and also handle the result of them.
  • Aangel: This is the IR scheduller. It uses information about the clusters connected to IR to schedule all received jobs among the clusters.
  • Deemon: This the interface between Interop Router and the cluster. It's reponsable for sending the job to cluster, collect its results and send them back to Guaardian.
  • There is also a Database which store all information and all components are connected with.

The figure bellow show this structure.


How this works?

The user sends his project through Guaardian, which store the information in the database.

Aangel looks for new jobs in the database and schedulle them among the clusters using information about clusters workload.

Eache clusters has a Deemon runnning, which looks in the database for jobs that has shedulled for this cluster and transfers the job and project data to cluster. Then, Deemon compiles the projec source code and submit the application for processing. After processing finish, the results are sended back to the database.

Also, Deemon periodically send to database information about cluster's workload, which will be used by Aangel to schedulle jobs.

When the results are sended to database, the user can access them through Guaardian inteface. There're information about job state and when they was completed.

Component Docs

Each component has specific requirements, installation and run instructions


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