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This project establishes a communication framework and job dispatcher for a mixed operating system cluster environment.

What's Interop Router?

Interop Router (IR) integrates clusters of different platforms in a simple way, using an standard interface to process high performance applications. It consists of a system that provides an user interface, a job scheduler to the clusters attached to it an interface that handles the job submission on them.

It adds a layer between the user and the cluster, which stores the application's source code and its input files and distributes them among the avaliable custers.


Thought the web interface it's possible to submmit an application to be processed in a specific subset of cluster connected to the IR's network; which distribute the task among the clusters, send it for processing and capture the results, then the user can have access to them through the web interface. With this, the processing work becomes transparent to the user.
On the other hand, connecting several clusters and dividing the workload among them, IR allows a better distribution of the clusters' resources whose the exploitation becomes larger.

Currently, the system supports Beowulf Linux clusters, using OSCAR (or another Maui-based Beowulf cluster); and windows clusters, using WCCS 2003 or Windows HPC Server 2008.

This is a Open Source project and its implementation attempts to be as interoperable as possible.
You can download the latest stable version accessing the link in the right panel. Also you access the codeplex version
control to get the most recent version's source code.

Questions? Sugestions?

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